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About Instant VPS

How is it possible that a web host can be dependable and reliable…yet flexible and creative at the same time? Instant VPS is just that.

Founded in 2008 and based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Instant VPS is fast becoming one of the foremost providers of virtual private servers in the industry. Instant VPS is proud to be part of the Quality Ecommerce, Inc. family, a key provider of hosting and wireless services.

Instant VPS maintains quality and cost-saving performance with its highly recommended Four Point Quality Commitment:

#1 - Committed to Offering a Range of Products and Services

Are you new to virtual private servers? Good, because we're ready for you. Or are you an experienced VPS user and are looking for customized package? We're perfect for you, too.

Instant VPS covers the entire spectrum of VPS needs, from entry-level to advanced. Diversity and variety: hallmarks of service from Instant VPS.

#2 - Committed to Competitive Pricing

Have you seen the prices of VPS packages from Instant VPS? Our prices are amazingly low because we keep a watchful eye on marketplace levels, and we keep our prices competitive.

How do we do this? The way we do this is by assembling a forward-thinking management and technical team that is intent on cutting waste and delivering only the very best VPS products to you.

#3 - Committed to Instant Service

Why do you think we are called Instant VPS? From customer support to account setups, we prioritize speed and instant service, while maintaining accuracy and performance. Our turnkey packages are specially designed to save you time by bundling a range of services that meet most business owners' needs.

#4 - Committed to Flexibility

Many VPS providers force you into pre-determined plans that may not be exactly right for you. But at Instant VPS, we listen to you. With our commitment to flexibility, we can work with you to create just the right VPS solution-for your own individual needs.

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quote has and continues to contribute tremendously to the success of our website. We have tried many hosting companies, and nothing comes close to the level of support offers. Every issue is an emergency for a site that makes $$$ per hour, and it is refreshing to work with a technical team that understands this concept and to know your site is always up. quote_closed
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